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Peaches In Wonderland

Gerhard Behnke: Folk Rock with southern accent

Singer-Songwriter from the most southbound Germany: Gerhard Behnke writes his own music for more than 10 years. Captivated by musicians as James Taylor, Neil Young, Tom Petty and the Beatles he feels closely connected to “classical songwriting”. His first stay in the US in 1995 became to a crucial experience: the creative musical scene inspired him writing his first own songs. From there it was just a stone’s throw from publishing own music on a record.

With their original compositions Peaches In Wonderland combine timeless folk with rock’n’roll licks in particular and are modeling their own and personal style. The guitar sounds from Oliver Droese became the band’s hallmark: They fit the songs perfectly and give the melodies a special recognition value. The songs are played with a lot of lucency and profoundness without vasting one single note! The sound is straight honest and isn’t hiding behind effect walls.

Peaches In Wonderland are one of the bands in the area demonstrating musical continuity. The band is stilistically cutting its own path.

Live: From pubs to Rock For Nature 2008

By the years Peaches In Wonderland became constant in the area also shown by many shows in 2008. The highlight was the gig at the three days Rock For Nature Festival in summer 2008 in Wolpertshausen/Schwaebisch Hall. Joe Cocker, Roger Hodgson and Scorpions were the headliners.

2003 had been a very active year touring through some Switzerland’s clubs, from 2004 to 2006 the years became a bit more relaxing. Peaches In Wonderland played some shows in the area.

The very first live experiences the band made end of the 90s: As many other bands, too, the fellows played in pubs. Gerhard Behnke was also involved in some unplugged projects and started in the 80s with a friend as a folk duo.

Band History

2009 marks the band’s third cast: Since 2006, Urs Rueger (bass), Markus Kintzi (keyboards) and Christian Sigg (drums) are with the band. Finally, the new CD “Back On My Track” is keeping records this creative process – the first highlight in the 10th anniversary of the band.

Between 2003 and 2005, Michael Fix (drums) and kcee (bass) had been members, when Peaches In Wonderland played the Switzerland Club Tour and recorded “This Game” , the band’s contribution to the Sampler “Spielwiese Kornhauskeller”.

In end of 1998 Peaches In Wonderland joined together for the first sessions: Olli invited the former Cozmic Kazoo drummer Grzegorz Adeler, bassist Angelo Vogt and keyboarder Manuel Wagner, he met in former musical projects. So, the musicians were on the right track quickly. Tom Petty with his song “Driving down to Georgia” was godparent for the band’s name, PEACHES IN WONDERLAND were born.

Well, the beginnings weren't blessed with good forturne. Grzegorz Adeler quit the band in favour of his job, Boris Stoll replaced him on drums. The first songs "Summer's End", "Miss Happiness", "Cloud of Unknowing" and "Good Old Times" were recorded then as 8 track demos.

In May 1999 the band played their first short gigs at a birthday party and at Waldshut rock club "New York". The band played the new songs "Something's Gonna Change", "My Old Car" and "Summer's End" for the very first time. .

The demo recordings changed into a "real" 16-track recording project in July 1999, when Boris, Gerhard and Olli did the basic tracks for "Summer's End", "Miss Happiness", "Good Old Times" and "Something's Gonna Change". After Angelo Vogt and later on Boris Stoll has quit the band for job reasons L, all live performances were put on ice for a while. The three remaining Peaches however went on with their recordings sessions. They wrote new songs during the following months, more demos tapes were taken.

End of 2000 the band started over, when bassist Hendrik Schulz joined the band, just after the band recorded the basic tracks for the other songs with new drummer Oliver Pfeiffer. In spring and summer 2001 the band finished their recording sessions for the album "Stream Of Life" by working intensively at Wild Mountain Studios. Friends supported their work, specially Anne Czichowsky (Ex-Cozmic Kazoo), who met Oliver Droese and Gerhard Behnke earlier in former musical projects. The well-known Thomas Schnitzer did the mixing with the Peaches in late summer 2001.

In November 2001 the band promoted the album "Stream Of Life" with a almost sold out live performance in Waldshut Stadtscheuer. Unmistakably, the Peaches sound is influcend by the American rock scene, their songs are arranged and mixed in charming American style based on acoustic and electric guitars with a strong beat on the drums. Since then, PEACHES IN WONDERLAND didn't back down: They played several gigs in the area around Waldshut, a lovely German town nearby the river Rhine in the southern Black Forest. Several new songs i. e. "Living in the Past" and "Visions" are presented now live on stage. And finally, "Lord Franklin", an old English traditional folk song has become one of the highlights of the Peaches show.

Back On My Track

After seven years, now Peaches In Wonderland are proudly presenting their new album: “Back On My Track” will be published on 17. january 2009. Seven original compositons from the last seven years are completed by the traditional “Lord Franklin”. All Songs has been recorded through summer 2008 in the band’s own recording studio. “This Game” was already published in 2005 on the sampler “Spielwiese Kornhauskeller”, but is now differently arranged for the new album.